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English Exams Topics

English  Exams  Topics / 2nd. Term

·        Past continuous
·        Past simple
·        Use of the conjunction "When"
·        Verbs chart from BE through CHOOSE
·        Verbs in context . Identify tenses clue words.  Present, past simple, gerund, continuous, and past participle.


·     Spelling and vocabulary words compendium
·     Words in context
·     Dictogloss using meanings and synonyms
·     Label images


Students should  write 2 types of poems, an acrostic , and a cinquain  using Christmas as theme.
Study key features or characteristics of each poem.
           Look at Students book pages 58 and 59 and 64 as guide.

·        Photosynthesis Science book page 38
·        Organisms Science book pages 39 and chart from 40
·        Animal Respiration , examples for each respiration system and  science book pages 45, 46, 47, 48 and 50.

Students will talk about air pollution, the atmosphere and how can we help the environment

Exams Calendar

Monday, December 5th.  Writing and Listening
Tuesday , December 6th.  Reading Comprehension and Speaking
Wednesday , December 7th. Science
Thursday , December 8th. Vocabulary and Spelling
Friday , December 9th. Grammar

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Avisos importantes 3ro A y B

Buenas tardes a todos,

Necesitamos su apoyo para localizar un sweater del uniforme de una compañera de 3ro B, Maria Fernanda.
Este sweater esta marcado y desapareció el  viernes 11 de Noviembre.

Gracias por su apoyo!

Resultado de imagen para frases de responsabilidad en los niños

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Homework from Monday November 14th. through Friday 18th.

Resultado de imagen para ethics

Quote: My Greatest Friend is the Truth

Monday 14th.

1. Pink- List 3 repetitions and google each word.

2. Christmas Play is in the Blog, print it and study

3. Yellow- Study list of verbs from BE through CHOOSE

Tuesday 15th.

1. Red- Using Oxford Platform  answer page 62.

2. Pink- List 3 drawings and study for dictogloss.

3. Purple- Re-read page 48 and number the facts from exercise 48.

4. Study for the Christmas   Play

Wednesday 16th.

1. Pink-  Study list 3 for dictogloss.

2. Orange- Answer workbook page 54

3. Study for Christmas Play

Thursday 17th.

1. Orange - Answer page 56  .

2. Study List 3 for dictogloss and answer Words in Context

Friday 18th.

1. Study Christmas play dialogue  for a general  rehearsal.

3rd. A. Christmas . Shrek

Theme: Santa Claus suffered an unexpected event  during Christmas night, Shrek and all  creatures from the tales will try to help

Setting: Shrek´s swamp and woods

Shrek: Hector
Fiona : Roxana
Pinocchio: Karim
Donkey: Arturo
Cat: Julio
Ginger Bread Man: Pedro
Ruperstinski: Antonio
Lord Farquadd: Emiliano
Prince Charming: Gabriel
Rapunzel: Aili
Alicia: Camila
Snow White: Bianca

Scene 1
(A letter gets to Shrek´s house. Something terrible has  happened. Everybody must help Shrek to figure  out a solution)

Pinocchio: A letter... so weird , no mailman today...(while opening the letter) What? Oh my god...Shrek, Shrek!!!

Shrek: Coming, just a second

Pinocchio: I cannot wait, this is an emergency

Fiona: Let me see what is going on.... OMG!

Cat: Who has dare to disturb my pleasing dream...

Donkey:  Who has dare to disturb my pleasing  leisure time

Pinocchio: A tragedy, a misfortune, a calamity

Shrek: Today is the happiest day ever, nothing can mess this up

Fiona and Shrek: Santa Claus has vanished

Cat: We must do something, we must find a replacement

Donkey: Let´s plan something,  Santa´s absence  must  be confidential. Humans mustn´t  know about this

Scene 2
(Lord Farquadd, Ruperstinski and the Prince Charming enjoy about their triumph )

Lord Farquadd: I can´t believe it, we just did it!

Ruperstinski : We just got rid of Santa , it is awesome.

Prince Charming: I´m wondering what are  kids going to do without gifts in Christmas (lol)

Lord Farquadd: (Lord receives a Whats app telling him something 
about  Shrek)  What, can´t believe it, really?

Ruperstinski: What happen?

Prince Charming: Easy boy, calm down, tell us. What´s going on?

Ruperstinski: Shrek and his beloved wife have a plan to replace Santa

Prince Charming: They are making  tryouts to find the best Santa for  tonight 

Lord Fraquadd: All town is attending, every single creature is there

Scene 3
(Rapunzel´s house. Snow White, Rapunzel, Ginger Bread Man and Alicia are talking about the tryout)

Snow White: I can´t believe this is happening, I don´t know any person 
who doesn´t like Santa

Rapunzel: That  is  so cruel

Alicia: We must do something, we must find out what happened...

Ginger Bread Man: What if he went to Hawaii, I heard he won 2 airplane tickets to the island.

Snow White: He would never do that  at Christmas that

Alicia: This is a mystery to solve, come on , let´s find out what happened

Ginger Bread Man: Where was Santa seen for the last time?

Scene 4
(The Tryouts.  Shrek , Fiona, Cat and Donkey are the judges that will choose the best Santa that will safe this Christmas night)

Shrek: Welcome to the tryouts

Fiona: Today one of you will be the winner

Cat: Today some of you will be the looser

Donkey: Today we will find the best Santa Claus

Shrek: The night hero, the gift keeper 

Fiona:  The winner will have the opportunity to ride Santa´s sleigh

Cat: Let´s start, Number 1, show us what you got

Pinocchio: Well, as everybody request me, and some of you beg me, I´m here.(his nose grows twice)

Donkey: OK Pinocchio the first challenge is...toys bag.. hold it up

Pinocchio: (trying to hold it up) it´s because I have a reaction to cotton...

Ginger Bread Man: I´m Ginger Bread Man, Son of Mr. Oreo and and La Señora Maria, the most famous cookie from Mexico.

Donkey: Are you ready?

Ginger Bread Man: I born ready (while trying to hold the toys bag up)

Everybody: bravo, congratulations.

Donkey: you´ve move to the next stage

Ginger Bread Man: but first  May I have a drink... (he drinks a whole glass with milk) Was it milk? oh no!

Rapunzel: I´m Rapunzel, I come from far far away , and I would like to help Santa to hand out the gifts.

Alicia: And I am  Alicia, I come from  wonderland,  I´m sure I´m the  only one who can deliver the toys as fast as Santa did.

Snow White: I´m Snow White , and I have something  important  to tell you, Santa has not vanished, Santa has been  shrinked , I found him in my tea cup

Prince Charming: How can you found him?  It was the best plan , It couldn´t fail

Snow White: Stop it, we can´t believe it. Look at you Santa. How can we help you

Alicia:  I have an idea, (while looking in her pocket) Look this is my growing up potion, Eat it santa!

Ruperstinski: Don´t you dare, that won´t work.

Lord Farquadd: or it might work, can I have some Alicia, I haven´t grow since I was 7 years old, please!!

Alicia: Sure, try it.

Lord  Farquadd: Look at Santa, he´s growing...

Prince Charming: oh Santa, forgive us... we miss you

Pinocchio: The problem has  been solve

Ginger Bread Man: Christmas is not some much about opening presents, as opening hearts...

Snow White: If a fat guy  grabs you and puts you in a bag...

Alicia: Don´t worry, we told Santa we wanted good friends for Christmas...

Shrek : We have many things to celebrate

Fiona: Let´s go dancing guys

3rd. B. Christmas. Toy Story

Theme: How a group of toys' steady and common  lives became a nightmare in the Christmas night

Setting: Andy´s house at Christmas night

Woody: Kael
Buzz: Emilio
Jessie: Brenda
Rex: Eidan
Barbie 1: Ximena
Barbie 2: Fernanda
Zurg: Paulo
Alien: Tahis
Mr.  Potato-head: Cristopher
Dolly: Letyzia
Ken: William
Mrs. Potato-Head: Ivana

Tahis: Good morning every one. As a child I can tell you that my toys have been an important part of adventures.

Paulo: Without toys any childhood could never be the same.  Enjoy Toy Story, a Christmas adventure.

Scene 1
 (Woody and Buzz are playing rock - scissors - paper in Andy´s room when suddenly Rex and Mr. Potato-Head gets there to hurry them)

Woody: Come on Buzz, give up! This is the 23rd time I beat you

Buzz: No, no, no, my friend...I never give up

Rex: Wow, Scissors, paper and stone...  my favorite game!

Mr. Potato-head: Stop loosing time, we must be ready.

Rex: Ready, what for?

Woody: For the Christmas night , we must  work  together to make this Christmas the best holiday ever

Rex and Buzz: (Hugging each other)" The Christmas night"

Rex: New toys for Andy, he will drop us!(cry with panic)

Woody: Come on guys, Andy loves us, he would never do that.

Mr. Potato-Head: I hope so Woody, he is growing up so fast, he´s almost a grownup .

Mrs. Potato-Head: Darling....?? where are you baby?

Mr. Potato-Head: Yes my beautiful Cuchurrumina

Mrs. Potato-Head:  What are you doing ? really...paper, stone and scissors...oh my god

We have things to do, come! we must be prepared for the new toys

Mr. Potato-Head: Sure baby. See you guys

Buzz, Woody, and  Rex: Bye bye....(laughing)

Scene 2
(Girls are talking about their feelings about Andy)

Jessie: We have been waiting for him to pick us off the shelf

Barbie 1: Wanting  nothing more than to be used like his favorite toys

Alien: (sighing) the one he played with as a child

Barbie 2: waiting for him to lay us next to his heart

Dolly: I almost forget when was the last time Andy played with us

Ken: Emotions we remembered as love (sighing)

Jessie. What is going on with us, we must be happy, Christmas is here and with it, the chance of having new friends.

Barbie 1: You are right Jessie, We must be positive.

Alien: Things can get better, trust me

Barbie 2: I feel hopeless

Dolly: me too, I can´t stop thinking about ...

Ken:(interrupting) Let´s go shopping then... I need some batteries

Jessie: Batteries?  What for? You don´t use batteries

Barbie 1: But our hair dryer does. Let´s go!

(all laughing)

Scene 3
(Zurg is talking to himself, then Woody and Buzz appears to make a deal with him and to encourage him to work in teams in Christmas night)

Zurg: Destroy, destroy, destroy...I must destroy Christmas toys... destroy...destroy

Buzz: Hello daddy!! Can we have a word with you?

Woody: (Nervously whispering to Buzz) Are you sure Zurg is part of our team...

Zurg: I´m the king of the Galaxy, I´m the emperor, I´m the...

Buzz:  Daddy!! You are the most scary robot...

Woody : But still a toy...just a toy, you are a toy...

Zurg:  Thanks for letting me know Woody, I haven´t realized that..(with sarcasm)

Buzz: Ok let´s spill the beans, we need you dad, we need to work together tonight

Woody: Gifts are coming and with them  new toys...

Zurg: OK, I got it... you want me to be part of your rescue crew..

Buzz: mmm...kind of..well  yes (doubting looking at Woody)

Woody: So can we count with you?

Zurg: Sure you can... but I need to be the boss...

Buzz: But I´m Buzz....??

Woody: no that Buzz, Boss B-O-S-S... the chief..the master..the mero mero..

Zurg: Now we are getting straight to the point..I like this guy

Buzz: ok, ok, Let´s start planning the strategies...

Scene 4
(All toys will discuss the plan when suddenly they find out the Christmas present is 3 plane tickets to Disneyland, everybody is surprised )

Mrs. Potato-head: what are we going to do, things are getting worse.

Mr. Potato-Head: Come on baby, let´s listen for the plan first.

Buzz: ok, everybody pay attention  we have figure out a big plan

Zurg: First let me introduce my self... I am Zurg the emperor of the galaxy and  the boss of this mission
Woody: Mission that we must do together, we must collaborate

Rex: Wow as in my video game, a mission, I love missions

Ken:  "Mission" you mean like going to war... fighting...

Barbie 1: oh Ken, you are so brave,  strong and also handsome.

Barbie 2: but we just got our nails done, what should we do?

Jessie: what ever we need to do, to preserve our lives

Dolly: I will do what ever I need to do to escape from a yard sale...

Alien: Don´t even think about it, Yard sales are cruel

Mrs. Potato-head: I´ve got an idea...let´s write back to Santa pretending we are Andy

Mr. Potato-Head: and we tell him that Andy doesn´t want any toys

Buzz: Well, that can work, but we have a better idea, everybody listen and focus...

Zurg: This is the plan, we will make 3 teams to find out what the Christmas gifts are,  to be prepare and to gladly receive those new friends

Woody: Team A will be  Rex, Ken, and the Barbies. This team will look after the hall and check of Andy , the baby and Andy´s mom

Rex: and let you know their position, that sounds awesome

Ken: all right, so we will be the door keepers. What if the dog Boster?

Barbie 1: If Boster appears just give him a biscuit.

Barbie 2: Great, I´m excited! let´s get started!

Jessie: I hope Santa will be thoughtful , and brings Andy nice toys

Dolly: Santa always know what every kid deserve , and Andy has been a great kid

Alien: You are right, Andy is the best kid any toy could have

Mrs. Potato-head: What about team B...
Mr. Potato-Head: Yes, what about team B..

Buzz: Team B is Jessie, Dolly , Betty and Mrs. Potato-Head

Zurg: You will be taking care of the chimney, waiting for Santa to get here

Woody: And when you see Santa´s reindeer you will make your signal Jessie.

Jessie: Great, then what would you do next?

Dolly: Let me see, after that you will go downstairs and use Mr. Binocs

Alien: But do not open the gifts, that would be risky for you guys

Mr. Potato-Head: Don´t worry, we are not rookies

Buzz: We are experts, we have the best plan ever

Zurg:We will take the biggest wrapped toy here and we will unwrap it here

Woody: and then we will wrap it back , let´s go.

 Zurg: Everyboby ready...to your positions...Go!

Scene 5
(Buzz, Woody, Mr. Potato, and Zurg finally get to the living room, they so the Christmas tree, and they hear Jessie´s warn)

Buzz: here we are...Look the Christmas gifts spot

Zurg: Listen...that is Jessie´s warning

Mr. Potato-Head: We must hide Santa... if he sees us he will be so mad

Woody:  I can see something... wow that is big, look at the huge  white present with the big red ribbon

Buzz: Let´s take it to Andy´s bedroom

(in Andy´s bedroom)

Rex: I´ll open it, what is this... paper...

Ken: Wow...not just paper, Andy´s Christmas gift is...... Tickets to Disneyland!!

Everybody starts laughing...

Barbie1: I´m so happy that I want to dance...let´s play some Christmas music